Travel and Living in Colombia: Pacific Coast Whale Watching

Travel and Living in Colombia: visited Pacific Beach Ocean If you are thinking of visiting the Pacific coast of Colombia, know that there are many options that offer the opportunity for saltwater fishing, whale watching and beach holidays officially official. Here are three: – Bahia Solano, a resort town on the northern sector of the Pacific Coast. Some fishing tournament major sports are held here every year. There is a natural walking and diving tours are available as well as a number of basic but acceptable.

Two large luxury hotel also offers accommodation here. The city is one of the few airports Pacific Coast and the only one located in the northern sector of the beach. One of the biggest, most beautiful national parks of Colombia, Parque Nacional Utria, just a 20 minute boat ride away. The park, which includes a portion of coastal waters and the Pacific Ocean as well, one of the largest concentrations of wildlife and tropical marine life in parts of South America outside of Brazil. Often, marine scientists gathered in the area to study the conglomeration of interesting aquatic life found here .

Nuqui, a city district other Pacific coast boasts airport service. There are also some decent hotel offers a fully equipped, dining and tourist destination. Nuqui Colombian central location convenient beach to watch migrating humpback whales during the spring. During the late summer to early fall, the transition reverses as whales with newborn calves them to go south in the waters of the southern Pacific Ocean off the coast of Chile and Antarctica. Dolphins, seals and freshwater life in abundance and natural hot springs and environmental zones protected display of wildlife that you can get very close and personal with. Just be careful.

Yes, they bite. If you have any interest in visiting the village of Embera Indian, there are few of them are located near the tourist Nuqui or visits can be arranged -. Buenaventura, environment sometimes unacceptable dangerous, chaotic, evil, the largest city in the Pacific coast of Colombia and driveable from the city of Cali and the coffee area center of the country. Services of motor boats for most of the coast of Colombia from here and some beaches are fairly located in Ladrilleros and Juanchaco.

A naval and military in the Gulf are also big here. The main market here is not just an amazing variety of sea tribes but also wildlife forests eaten. Armadillo, pork, three laziness leads, turtles and iguanas can buy and eat food stalls on the second floor of the market. Due to population control and regulation of the area harvested seafood, sometimes it becomes illegal to harvest in other locations and countries are legally harvested and here.

Travel available and Living in watching humpback whales Colombia and sport fishing hot water therapy, you can enjoy a variety of activities and efforts of nature along the Pacific coast of Colombia. Did I mention that you are going to price relief? You’ll save even more on your wallet because the local economy when compared to other locations such as Panama or Costa Rica. True, there are trade offs and services available in both countries is certainly first rate, but a visit to the Pacific coast of Colombia can be a fun fantastic in rates.
Why affordable not see for yourself? I did and I’m still here!

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