Wandering Around Gaisano Mall of Davao

When in Davao, visiting the biggest mall is a must and Gaisano Mall of Davao must be on your list. It’s why I decided to stroll around the mall and take pictures of the recent developments. This will be another informative mall tour that all of you must take note. 🙂

Gaisano Mall of Davao opened its doors to the public since 1998. Unlike other malls, the development went gradual every floor. I remembered visiting this mall with my dad and it was still the first floor that opened. Through the years, it gained popularity and since then, it’s a mecca for mallgoers and right now, it’s still improving, competing with other malls here in the city.

When you’re inside this mall, on your right, you’ll see the National Bookstore. There are 2 stairways leading to the below ground floor and upper ground floor. You can find the supermarket and restaurants below ground floor. Most notable stores are Dunkin Donuts, Pizza Hut, Mang Inasal, Gonuts Donuts, Mix N’ Magic, Igloo, Living Bread, Goldilocks, Euro Baker & Cafe, etc.

Upper Ground floor are mostly popular clothing lines and fast food chains. Clothing lines that are found on the Upper Ground floor are Bench & Her Bench, Penshoppe, Human, Loalde, Plains & Prints, F&H, Lee, Kashieca, Oxygen, Rusty Lopez, Wrangler, ForMe, Mossimo, etc.

Popular restaurants and fast food chains that are of the same floor are Jollibee, McDonalds and Shakey’s. Also on this floor are those who want to eat delectable desserts like Krispy Kreme, Cafe France and Red Ribbon.When you’re not into fast food and want the comfort of a restaurant, Port Cafe is a great choice. It’s located on the second floor. From rice meals to pastas and desserts, they have it all. Whenever you’re in this area, there are also stores that sells fashionable items. Some are services like dental clinic. It’s like a mall within a mall.

Here on the second floor, you can find mostly stores that sells trendy apparels and has a specific area for jewelry stores. You can also find Blugre Coffee that sells not just great coffee but delectable desserts too!

Moving on to the third floor, it’s mostly housed with salons, gun shops, milk tea stores, tech stores, etc. You can still find a resto on this floor such as Dimsum Diner (the red one).

Spazio is known as a nook for cellphone and accessory stores. Before, the right side of Spazio houses restaurants that provided comfort and good food. For many times, I’ve been a loyal customer in one of their restaurants and indeed, I had fun eating lunch at their place and yes, I missed the place badly.

But this transformation brought light and more stores. It also drew more customers who wants to have new cellphones or have them repaired or just want to have accessories on it. 😀

Dinner @ Max’s Restaurant, Abreeza Branch

Max’s Restaurant had their 1st branch in SM City Davao, bringing with them their signature dishes and their Fried Chicken that is well-loved by their loyal patrons. But unfortunately, they had to close down, and it’s still a mystery for me why they closed their store.

Last 2011, Max’s opened once again in Davao! This time, in Abreeza Mall, where the Davaoenos were eagerly waiting to have the first taste of Max’s and their dishes. I also had lunch last year during the Kadayawan Festival. It was a feast! 😀

Last Sunday, November 18, 2017, together with my friends from Davao Bloggers, we decided to have a dinner at Max’s Restaurant. It’s a perfect time also for me to dine again since I haven’t visited the resto since Kadayawan Festival.

This is the Fried Chicken with Sweet Potato Fries. This dish is special because it is their signature dish that they’re proud of.

Personally, I really love chicken especially if it’s juicy, succulent and full of flavors. This one though, didn’t fail me too. I ate the chicken without the sauce but it’s still delicious!

This is Sinigang na Hipon. Just like gata, everything that is sinigang is delicious! I tend to love sour tasting foods especially the sinigang. Though, my favorite is sinigang na baboy, this one is also good!
I only ate 1 shrimp though.Oh well.. 😀

This is Adobong Baka sa Gata. As what I’ve said, everything with gata is always good, and it is really good! The sauce was perfect! But the beef was a little bit chewy. It’s why if there’s a beef dish being served, and I knew I would have a hard time chewing it, I would always avoid it. Sorry for beef lovers! I love burgers too you know! hehe! 😀

This is one of the newest beef dish offered at Max’s Restaurant. They also have other beef dishes that have been offered. If you wanna check them out, you can just visit any Max’s Restaurant near you.

It was a great dinner! I had great time with my friends and of course, great friendship comes with great food to feast in! Max’s staff was accommodating to us especially if we need something. The food presentation was good too. But I hope next time, the beef is not chewy anymore.

Max’s Restaurant Branches in Davao City:
2nd Floor, Abreeza Mall
2nd Floor, SM Lanang Premier

Abreeza Corporate Center – Now Open

After my piano lesson in Agdao, I decided to visit the newly-opened expansion at Abreeza which is called the Abreeza Corporate Center. It started the construction last year. It has a total of 7 floors where the 1st three floors are mall expansion while the remaining floors are occupied by BPO.

Abreeza Corporate Center has its own entrance. When I entered, I noticed that it’s indeed small and almost all spaces are vacant or not yet started the construction. Inside Abreeza Corporate Center is narrow and for those who are claustrophobic, beware! 😀

When you’re inside Abreeza Mall and you want to explore the expansion, no need to worry as they also have pathways to the expansion just like the picture above. The ceilings are visibly lower than the usual.

Inside Abreeza Corporate Center
As you can see in the photo, there are lots of vacant spaces that will be filled very soon as the construction is in the progress. The 1st two floors are dedicated for international stores while the 3rd floor is dedicated for the hip and young like.. Me? 😀

Here are more pictures of the Abreeza Corporate Center:

The corridor

View from 3rd floor

Other corridor

Here are the stores that opened in the expansion.

Browhaus: The Brow Salon

Mr. Lee / RRJ


Well, that’s it for now. I’m gonna visit the expansion soon if the vacant spaces are all filled up or at least 80% of the spaces are occupied. Well, if you have time, you can also roam around Abreeza Corporate Center and explore.