How to Maintain Your Car at Home

It is an obligation for you, the car owner to always take care of the car so that it stays in good standing at all times. Caring for your car can be done alone at home or take it to official workshops on a regular basis. Both manual cars and automatic cars need their care. For manual car maintenance is actually not too difficult as automatic cars. But of course there are some things you need to pay attention to. Then how is the right manual car maintenance for you to do? Here are ways you can do.

1. Check the Car Starter
It is an obligation to heat up the vehicle when the car is going to be used. When heating the car, try to check your car’s starter. Watch for damage inside. Usually the starter case that can not be ignited due to reduced supply of fuel and air available. So try to check and clean the filter.

2. Perform Regular Oil Replacements

Oil is one of the supporting components that is quite important in supporting the performance of your car. So it is important to make regular changes to the oil you use. Each type of car has its own provisions in oil changes. However, the average oil change is carried out at the distance 3000-5000 km. There are many of the best car oil on the market, make sure it suits your car’s engine needs.

Also pay attention to the use of power steering oil, if it is almost gone, it certainly causes the steering wheel to be heavy and difficult to drive. Don’t forget to pay attention to the condition of your brake oil. This will affect the thinning of the brake or brake lining.

3. Check Radiator Fluids

Another manual car maintenance method that you need to do is check your car’s radiator fluid. The radiator itself has a function to neutralize the heat in the engine. So make sure to check regularly.

If the radiator water is empty, it can cause overheating of your manual car engine. So it is important to check the volume of the radiator fluid so as to maintain the performance of the radiator to the maximum. Don’t forget to replace the radiator water when it has covered 1000km. You can learn how to replace your car’s water radiator at home.

4. Check the Timing Belt

Timing belt is a component in the car that has the function of continuing the gear rotation that is connected to the internal engine. So that if there are annoying noises when the engine is turned on, it indicates if there is damage to the timing belt. So do not forget to check the timing belt of your car regularly.

5. Use Original Spare Parts

If there is damage to the components of your car, then be sure to replace it immediately with new components. Use original spare parts from official workshops. Do not be tempted by cheap prices, but the quality has not been proven.

6. Use of Couplings

Pay attention to the use of your car’s clutch so it doesn’t wear out easily. When the gear is inserted and the vehicle is moving, try not to touch the foot of the clutch pedal. These habits will give effect to accelerate the age of your car clutch use.

7. Adjusting the Clutch Height

Don’t forget to adjust the height of the car clutch when the clutch work is felt to be less than the maximum. This is done to refine and accelerate gearshift in manual transmissions. Clutching can be done by yourself or bring it to the nearest repair shops. This can be a way to overcome the heavy clutch pedal.

8. Perform Tune Up with Routine

Do not forget to regularly tune up the car, you can do it at the nearest authorized workshops. This has become one of the important ways manual car maintenance is performed. Tune ups can make your car’s engine condition more durable. Why? in the process of tune up all vital engine components will be thoroughly checked by a skilled mechanic.

9. Occasionally Make a Strong Gas Withdrawal
Every now and then try to drive your car at a high speed. Cars that have long been used usually will have a lot of crust in the engine. To get rid of those crusts, try to drive the vehicle at high speed so that later the crust will come out through the exhaust. But be sure to do it on a safe and non-hazardous road.

10. Fill the Gas Tank

Although it looks trivial, but this habit can help treat the condition of your car so that it remains in good condition. The habit of not filling the gas tank until it is full causes the fuel to be mixed with dirt and crust. So once in a while fill the gas tank of your car so that the top of the tank is kept clean from crust and dirt.

11. Check the Electricity of the Car

Another important thing you need to do is the electrical system on the car

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