How To Clean Your Car Interior

If we talk about your car, of course there are many things that we will cover from the four vehicle or the car. And one of them is about car maintenance itself.

When talking about car maintenance, then often what we have in mind is maintenance related to the vehicle engine.

Though buddy, talking about car maintenance, one of the things we also need to do maintenance is the car cover. Both the interior appearance and the exterior appearance of the car are things we must pay attention to.

Call it in terms of interior maintenance, which is the condition of the interior or cabin in our car is one of the things that affect our comfort in driving.

This is especially for those who have a car that has a bright color that tends to get dirty and stained faster than a dark colored car cabin.

Car interior colors that have bright colors such as ivory or beige have an effect that can make the interior of our car feel relieved and also look fresh because of the influence of the bright color.

In general, colors like these are often found on car seats or benches, door panels, dashboards and also panels in the interior of your car.

But even though it looks fresh and elegant, the bright colors are very susceptible to blemishes, which certainly won’t be pleasing to the eye.

That’s why you as a car owner who has a brightly colored interior, it is important for you to take care of the car’s interior to make it look clean.

So, what tips on caring for the brightly colored car interior to keep it looking clean? Here the author will present a review for you. Let’s buddy, let’s just look at the following review. Cekitdot.

Bench or Seat Parts
Generally, bright colors found on a bench or seat that has a bright color on your car has a material made of fabric. And this fabric material itself is one material that is easy to absorb dirt.

That is why a car whose interior is bright like a chair often looks stained. Therefore, friend, when there is dirt on the chair, then immediately clean it before the dirt dries and it will be difficult to clean.

The cleaning process itself is enough to use a clean cloth. In addition, you also have to clean the seat or car seat regularly, which is at least once a month by using a conditioner or leather cleaner so that the skin of the car seat is maintained and not easily dull.

In general indeed, initially this chair will look shiny clean and sleek, but over time it will harden and crack. how to fix a hard car seat you can make as additional information.

Ceiling Section
If the ceiling coating on your car uses vinyl material, then how to clean it is very easy. Namely you simply prepare a nylon brush, cloth rags, and also liquid cleaning course.

The trick is, you just spray the cleaning liquid that has been mixed with water of course, and rub it into the dirty ceiling, and don’t forget to also use the nylon brush to really clean and facilitate your work.

How to brush it is by brushing in the same direction and back and forth so that the dirt is lifted. After that, then you take a clean cloth, wipe evenly until completely clean and dry. But when brushing, brush gently so as not to damage the ceiling.

Dashboard Panel
This dashboard section is also one of the parts that often have stains or dirt, especially when the color of the dashboard is a bright color. Stains and dirt are very annoying and certainly reduce your comfort in the cabin of the car.

In addition, the condition of a dashboard or dirty interior of a car is often identified with the owner of a car that is also dirty. For this reason, this dashboard must be in a clean state, even though it has a bright color. the best way to handle if your car dashboard is cracked can be made as additional information.

For a dashboard that is manifold or made from soft, then you can clean it using a vinyl cleaner that many of us find in automotive supply stores and accessories.

No need to use a brush, but enough with a clean cloth or chamois that do not forget to spray cleaning fluid, then brush on the dirty part.

Besides that, friend, to add a sense of comfort in the cabin of your car, then use a deodorizer in the cabin of your car, so that your car will feel more comfortable.

Besides that, friend, make sure you also use a type of deodorant that can cause stains on the cabin mo

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