How to Build a Backyard Vineyard Organic Ever

Tom Powers is the author of “The Organic Vineyard: A Free Step by Step for wine growing,” how to guide beginners showing all farmers need to know about planting their own gardens. Powers, who owns and operates its own farms and commercial wine in central California, firm in the belief that organically grown grapes are a healthy and rewarding hobby that almost anyone can catch up – actually just have a small patio. “There are several reasons why you should start a backyard garden,” Powers said, “it is a special type of gardening that does not cost as much as a traditional landscape, and the two people who can actually do something with it : you can eat nasturtiums, but [with growing grapes] actually end up with a product in your own backyard. “

Planning Vine


When you are going through the initial process of planning the layout of your garden, remember to keep some important things in mind. First, the wine will need at least eight hours a day, so plan accordingly. “You need a clear area [for planting] … Free trees and [Shadow] barrier for eight hours a day, “said Powers. Second, you need to ensure that the ground is not too rocky, well ventilated and has access to a water source. According to the size of your garden, Powers suggests that a form can include at least 120 climbing plants – that can provide you with enough alcohol to fill a 60 gallon barrel. He also noted that the wine can be grown in “the area around 1/16th of an acre, which is the typical size of compound 50-by-50 square meters.”

Build your own vineyard

If you think you will build your garden, it’s time to decide what you are going to use a variety of wines. If you want to grow grapes for wine, it is important to consider what kind of climate you live. “If you’re in a temperate climate (60 ° -85 ° F), some famous wines such as Merlot, Cabernet or Chardonnay easier to grow,” said Powers. “For extreme climates, as the weather was cool (50 ° -60 ° F), Riesling and Gewurztraminer grow well in cold climates like Germany.” Notes also warm (85 ° -95 ° F), such as the Southwest U.S. grape varieties such as Zinfandel and Cabernet tend to do better.

Cleaning your land weeds, and then test the soil to make sure it is the correct level of nutrients and pH levels – the best time of year to do so throughout the fall or spring. Then, build a trellis to support vines and irrigation lines. His vineyard is composed of four lines of the grating is between 6-7 meters of each other (the space between the vines should be about 5:56 ft). You can create an irrigation system by simply placing the tube lattice drip irrigation systems and underground piping to connect PVC water.


Then, finally, build your garden, it’s time to build the routine maintenance. First, be sure to fertilize your garden consistently. Powers noted that the use of organic fertilizers such as bone meal or fish emulsion is best, but if you can not get a hold of the store brands use ingredients you can add your own.

Pruning is very important because it is an important part of what he calls Powers The first time planting his wine “to practice their wine.” You have to cut to begin to rise, and their respective lattice. Once established vines, can reduce approximately every three years or less to ensure that no overreach. “The annual pruning after the maturity to do [to] provide what we call” new wood, ‘”Powers said. Wood called the new result in high productivity of the green shoots that will help you increase the size of your plants.

However, remember that the hungry creatures of every kind of vine that can be targeted, so it’s better for your feet. “Birds of a normal, especially if you make a backyard vineyard and there are many trees in the area,” Powers said, “If you have a high density of poultry should put nets around wine” of other animals, as deer., can be blocked by a high fence. Gophers, however, is another matter: “Because the moles just do it the way ol ‘style: dig deep and rat traps to keep them under control.”

In addition to pruning, it is important that the daily water his wine, and regularly reviewing pH and nutrient levels of your soil. Also, be careful with weeds, insects interfere (as spider mites) or a fungal disease attack.


This is where all the hard pays off. Remember, if you are in the northern hemisphere harvest will begin in August, however, if you are in the southern hemisphere (ie south of Ecuador), you actually begin to reap the end of the year (usually around December). Powers notes that if the wine is made, be sure to choose the wine quickly – simply choose those seeking complete, mature and pain free – and it’s best to keep harvest containers free of leaves and debris. Also, make sure to store your harvest in a cool and shady – alcohol often go wrong through unhygienic handling wine.

“I would say the backyard vineyards invite neighbors and friends to bring a container and a pair of pruning shears,” says Powers. “So are harvested … taste wine from last year. ‘

Fruits of Labor One

The backyard vineyard is a wonderful way to relieve stress. “[Vine] is a lifestyle, allowing you to simply calm reflection on the realities of life and the nature and type of things,” said Powers. “Our lives are so complicated that it is a good change in viticulture, collecting and finally poured into the glass you can share with your friends. How to satisfy yourself in life and see the progress. ‘

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