Configuring the Master Bedroom Suite

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You can change your room into a master suite deserves a five-star resort. In fact, away from the “master bedroom” to “bedroom suite” has become one of the most popular configurations of home projects in recent years.

Adding On or Busting Through? Most new homes are built with the master suite, but older homes that require more space for expansion and remodeling of the master bedroom. You can decide to extend your neighbors bedroom master bedroom, but remember this: if you plan to resell your house in the future, more room means increased cost. Think carefully before reducing the number of rooms in your home. “If you have a house with three rooms and two single rooms combine the main room, you really limit the marketability and overall appeal of the home,” says Dr. Donald Miliver valuation expert, director of the Institute Estate Kislak Estate in Monmouth University in West Long Branch, New Jersey. He added that if you have four or five bedrooms and lose one for expanding your master bedroom suite, potental loss of more value.

Of course, you can always choose to build an extra room in your home to accommodate your extended sleep.

Personalize Your Space. Once you decide on the size of your new main room, think about how you want to use. The idea of ​​a luxury people can really different from others. Remember, this is your master bedroom, so the design according to your requirements. Do some couples separate closets and dressing area. Others dream of a comfortable reading angle. Some of the plans for a small personal gym.

Organizing for the Future Value. The main room tend to hold value over time as you plan well for the comfort and flow – smooth, easy-access main transition in the bathroom and other zones of the suite.

Also, try to maintain a flexible space to grow some events in life, such as a mini nursery locker room.

Fun facilities. Customs equipment planning your remodeled master bedroom suite can be highlight of the entire project. You are not alone if you think of your bedroom as the honeymoon suite at a five star resort. Homeowners turning to adding mini-bar and even a mini-kitchen in the master bedroom suite with them, including compact refrigerators, microwave ovens, and gourmet coffee. The warmth and passion of a cozy fireplace is easier to achieve than ever before with a new efficient gas burning vented fireplace and vented gas heater that looks woodstoves.

Investment in the configuration of the master bedroom into a master suite you have a way to enhance the enjoyment of your home every day. Bring the feeling of vacation that never ends in this room that you use often with luxurious master bedroom suite!

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