7 Typical Causes of Engine Overheating

For you, the owner of a vehicle, of course you often feel that your vehicle gets hot quickly or the engine temperature becomes hot. If this happens to your vehicle, of course you should not underestimate the condition of your car.

Very hot car conditions can cause the engine to stop and of course it will jeopardize your safety. Generally, car engines that heat up quickly due to the age of the car that is too old. But of course there are still many other factors that can be the cause of a hot car. So what can be the cause of a hot car fast? The following explanation. (Also read: Trait of Clutching Car Clutches)

1. Radiator and Hose

HOSE AND RADIATOROne thing that can cause the car to heat up quickly when used is the condition of the radiator that is leaking. For that, make sure if the radiator and radiator hose are in good condition and not clogged.

If the radiator of your car is damaged or the strangeness that makes the engine heat quickly, it would be better if you take the car to a radiator specialist shop to deal with damage to the components inside the radiator.

If the damage is severe enough, then you should do a radiator replacement to prevent the car from reheating quickly. (Also read: Pros and Cons of Baleno Cars)

2. Radiator Fluids

AIR RADIATOROther causes that can cause the car to become hot is the use of radiator fluid that is not right. If you use plain water or well water to fill the radiator, it certainly causes the radiator to become dirty. This is due to the large number of metals and minerals and other elements that can cause scale on the radiator element.

For that, it would be better if you use a special radiator water (coolant) as a car radiator controller. If you continue to use plain water, then at least replace the radiator water regularly within 5 weeks.

But if you are accustomed to using plain water and then want to use coolant, there are things you need to pay attention to. This is because the crust contained in the radiator will fall out when exposed to coolant liquid. So that causes the radiator performance is not optimal. For that, first clean your car radiator before changing it to another radiator water. (Also read: Strengths and Weaknesses of Ertiga Cars)

3. Substandard Radiator Water Circulation

Substandard Radiator Water CirculationOther causes can originate from substandard radiator water circulation. This is because the use of radiator water which is sometimes inappropriate.

So that it causes rust and dirt to stick inside it. This dirt is what makes the radiator water circulation becomes not smooth. As a solution, of course you have to do regular maintenance on your radiator.

Perform water replacement on the radiator every 20,000 km. Don’t forget to use anti-rust liquid. If the condition is too severe, you can replace the grille on the radiator.

4. Quality of Oil Used

Quality of Oil Used The oil you use is also one of the causes of the car getting hot quickly. Oil that has a low quality will easily cause overheating to the engine and can cause the car to die suddenly. This is because the oil does not have the ability to withstand excessive heat.

Because not being able to withstand this heat is what ultimately causes the oil volume to decrease. If it’s like this, of course the performance of the car is not optimal and of course makes the car engine to be damaged quickly.

For that, it would be better if you use oil that is of high quality and in accordance with the specifications of your engine. Also be sure to check on the condition of the engine regularly so that oil does not leak. (Also read: Tips for Buying a Used Diesel Engine)

5. Trouble fan

TROUBLE CAR FAN Another common cause is the condition of the radiator fan that is not working normally. Of course, the performance of the fan that is not optimal will make the sensor switching can not read the action.

For example, the switching should be able to receive sensors that can turn on the cooling fans, but because the sensor is damaged, of course the cooling fan also can not rotate properly.

To always check the condition of your radiator fan, check and clean it from disturbing things such as dust, dirt, and others. (Also read: How to Drive a Matic Car)

6. Thermostat Condition Damaged

Damaged Thermostat Conditions Another cause is a broken thermostat condition. Thermostat is a temperature gauge that is in the car engine.

If the condition is broken, then of course it will make the temperature measurement to be inaccurate. For that, do a periodic check to find out the condition of your themostat in good condition.

7. Unsuitable BBM Octane Levels

The use of inappropriate fuels will certainly make a car engine get hot quickly. This is because the octane levels of the fuel are not compatible with the car, resulting in a car knocking. So that if left unchecked will make the car become hot quickly. To overcome this, of course you have to use BBM in accordance with the specifications of your car.

Now that was some of the Causes of Hot Cars Fast. Of course to avoid this, be diligent to do a thorough check on your car. So that if there is damage and others, you can immediately repair it so that it does not aggravate the existing situation. Hopefully the above information can be useful for you. Good luck.

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